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I am an experienced guitarist of more than 30 years and have studied such diverse styles as blues, classical, country, folk and rock – making for a very broad base of musical knowledge from which I can help any number of different students. Learning such a mix of techniques has also given my own playing something of a ‘hybrid’ nature.




Ok, what would we cover? I hear you ask… Some of the more popular topics I cover with clients include rock lead guitar techniques, blues improvisation, fingerpicking styles and chord construction but I am prepared to cover a good deal of other areas depending on the ‘spec’ that people give me I their Icebreaker/Taster deal lesson slots, so please don’t be shy in asking if there’s style you’d like to try, a technique you’d like to explore or a song you’d love to learn.


The level of theory that people wish to indulge in can vary greatly and I am sensitive to this fact, however, even if it’s just ‘getting off the ground’ that appeals to you there are essential topics which are easily covered – though not rushed. These include fretboard orientation, key and time signatures and chord/scale relationships (none are cause for dread!)


I am a member of the Registry of Guitar Tutors, and can also offer you the opportunity to sit the organisation's examinations too. (No pressure to do this incidentally!)




I believe music should never be an exclusive ‘club’ designed for people that have ‘joined’ by picking up the guitar – or any other instrument - at the age of 4 and spent a lifetime with it. I know and appreciate from a number of my present students that other commitments can often restrict opportunities to indulge a passion for music and that’s why I say this: there’s no better time to give it a try than the present. So please, have a look at the (competitive!) price list and let me know if you are interested or have any other questions.


Even a blank Page can one day become a Jimmy.



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